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Taking photo in the photo studio that you can't get taking photo outdoor studio

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Lighting fall on a subject

Taking photograph has two basic methods for measuring a lighting fall on a subject, a reflecting light measures a light reflecting off a subject, and an incident light measures a light falls on a subject.

An inexpensive light falls on a subject, you can gets from a natural light such as a sun or moon light, and an artificial light such as house light, fire a place, candle or lamp light. These lights aren't easy to control a reflecting or incident light on a subject.

In photo studio, an artificial light source can find on camera speed-light and studio strobe light, a light cans produce a quality lighting of a color temperature —measure in degree Kelvin— from 1000K to 10,000K, and a flash high speed synchronization up to 1/8000s. These light can add onto a subject, easy to manage and fully control an adequate reflecting or incident light to bright a subject thru in the camera lenses.

Taking Photo outside studio vs indoor studio

Taking photo outside photography studio

If you are encountered a hot humid, cold, cloud or low lighting, rain, wind, traffic or crowding interfering your scenery environment in a public place or park; you take a photo outdoor studio can be rough, harsh and frustrated.

  • If you only depend on a sunlight is your lighting source, unfortunately the day of shooting has a cloudy sky and rainy; you have no choice to wait for stop raining and a cloud stop bock a sun. Raining stop but a cloud still block a sun, your time is running out for the day, you have no choice to shoot a photo under a cloudy sky. The consequence of taking picture has no adequate lighting—from your post product to finish product— you have to use a lot of your time consumption in a darkroom or photo adjustment to fix your photos. Spending time touch up a lot of photo pictures is not fund.

  • Waiting for a sun could be frustrate when you can be unpredictable a light from a sun, or a cloud moves out block a sun. In some case during shoot photo wedding, you may end up get poor quality photo, delay, or cannot reschedule; your client will be unhappy with your service.

  • You have no problem with a sun but you might have a problem to deal with crowding of people in the public park or sidewalk. If you are a low budget photographer, you can't afford to hire extra helpers to control traffic, you could be tossed you out, or a scenery of your background that you would like to be in your photograph will be difficult for you to manage.

  • You have found a perfect scenery place and a perfect sunlight but you have found a prohibited sign said "No Camera Allow" or "No Trespass". If the private owner or local government property, you might need to find out from them to get their authorization. If a fee requires before you can use their property, you may slow your work—need to wait inline to apply for permitted—perhaps a day or more.

Taking photo inside photography studio

An advance of shooting photograph in studio, you will have the control over every aspect of the studio production: setting studio props, lighting and light modifiers, equipment transport, climate control, traffic, and scenery environment. You shelter from all the hassles of those variable environmental that you encounter the outdoor shooting, you can maintain consistency throughout your project.

  • Not only shooting on seamless paper or uninspired look, you can have a variety of studio props to use for creating scenery as your desire, the industries top-tier-speed lighting, continue light, and light modifiers which might be out of most photographer's budget.

  • In studio, you always have an adequate lighting source with a consistent light of a color temperature that is very importance key element for helping you to determine effectively use to add texture, color skin tone, shadows on photo, and composition to your photo, in a way of your idea that you want to get best result of your photo—editorial, headshot, fashion, and commercial photography— you can't get outdoor studio. Furthermore, you can creating a scenery outdoor studio in studio for photographing your imagination.

Conclusive recommendation

If you are always shoot photo outdoor, you have not had a change to try shooting in a photography studio, I highly recommend the experience. In a studio you can get some real benefit that apply to both new and experienced photographers. Shooting in a studio you can get certain category of type photography that you can't get outdoors.

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